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Reducing the pollution of shoes bought online.



The apparel industry is the 4th most polluting industry in the world. We believe that technology can be used to minimize the impact of apparel consumption on the environment. 

Comprehensive Fitting

Free shipping and free returns are convenient for online shoppers. However, 30% of shoes bought online are returned which is very polluting.

Eclo reduces returns with a powerful artificial intelligence that gives accurate size recommendations to online shoppers. The Eclo AI accounts for all aspects of fit. It is a comprehensive approach designed to have the highest accuracy for the lowest return rate and the highest reduction in waste.

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Accurate Size Recommendations.

While shopping, users can get a highly accurate size recommendations in 30 seconds. This leads to higher confidence and better fitting shoes. Accuracy is key to reducing returns and the pollution of online purchases.

Foot Scans

For a higher accuracy and confidence users have the option to scan their feet with the Eclo foot scanner app. This one time scan saves time and prevents pollution.

The state of the art scanner is the most accurate and user friendly thanks to a patent pending scanning method.

Our Mission

The name Eclo comes from the French word éclos which means bloom or hatch. Regardless of how hard the winters are, every spring a new cycle of life begins with new leafs blooming and animals hatching. 
Our consumption of clothes has lead us in a dark period of heavy pollution and excess. Eclo aims for a new era of manufacturing and distribution that is more symbiotic with the environment. 

Eclo is making the purchasing of new, used or custom fitting clothes easier with minimal impact on the environment.

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