Made for Person. Made for Planet.

A hundred years ago, you would go to your local tailor or cobbler to have clothes and shoes made for you. This took a long time, and was very expensive. It was also personalized and didn’t take a toll on the environment. Eventually, the rise of mass-manufacturing made everything much faster and cheaper.
Unfortunately, we had to compromise.
In order to increase efficiency and drive down costs, mass-produced products today are made for the average person. The problem is that real people only have a 50% chance of being “average” — the same as a random guess.
“Made for everyone” is really “made for no one” and a lot of products end up in landfills without ever being worn. This, together with the high cost of returns, shipping, and wasteful manufacturing practices has created an extremely unsustainable industry.
But there's hope.
Technology has come a long way in the past hundred years. We can take the best of the old and merge it with the new to create products that are personalized, sustainable, fast, and cheap. This new revolution will be powered by advances in artificial intelligence, ecommerce, and next generation manufacturing techniques.
We call this mass-customization and we are simply obsessed with it.
In order to make this a reality, we need to know exactly what to build and create a better way to build it. To make personalized products, we work directly with consumers. To reduce the cost of returns and shipping, and to encourage sustainable business practices, we support local manufacturing. To do this all at scale, we’re pioneering manufacturing breakthroughs.
The future of products is custom-made, competitively priced, and environmentally friendly.
At Eclo, we are driving this change one step at a time.

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