Grow Your Audience

Your ability to provide excellent service to your customers no longer depends on them being nearby. Reach anyone in the world who has access to a smartphone.

How Eclo Can Help

Complete app/SDK

No development is required to scan in 3D; simply ask your users to download the Eclo app. Or, build your own custom app relying on our SDK for scanning.

Quality Assurance

Eclo developed a portable 3D shoe scanner. We can confirm that your manufacturing facility is operating according to your strict specifications.

Data Access, Analysis

Our partners access their customers’ 3D models along with key anatomical measurements through our well-documented REST API. We classify the models and provide higher-level insight by applying our proprietary machine learning algorithms to the shape data.

Our Proposal


Fewer returns means lower shipping and restocking costs.

Customer Growth

Conversion rates are higher when shoppers are confident their purchase will fit.

Improved product

Learn from your customers’ data and refine your offering.

Let's Collaborate

We are always looking for new partners that can benefit from our technology. Send us a quick note, and we will follow up promptly to continue the conversation.

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