Our Story

Proper fit provides the underpinnings for performance, comfort, and style of footwear. We recognize that the current trends in commerce are towards globalization and customization. Eclo was founded in 2015 with the vision of removing geographic boundaries for consumers and retailers by enabling custom manufacturing and a virtual shoe fitting experience that matches the success rate of traditional, in-store fitting.

To tackle the fitting problem in a principled manner, we assembled a talented team of IT experts and R&D engineers specializing in mechanical engineering, computer vision, and machine learning. Funded by the NSF SBIR program, Eclo develops state-of-the-art 3D measurement and shape analysis/modeling technology for feet and shoes. Join us to make online shopping personal!

Meet The Team

Alex Villanueva, PhD

CEO, Co-Founder

Alex is a mechanical engineer with expertise in design, manufacturing, testing and analysis of mechanical systems.

Ivan Kolesov, PhD

CTO, Co-Founder

Ivan is a computer engineer who specializes in the development of computer vision and image processing algorithms.

Leon Zhu, PhD

Computer Vision/ML, Co-Founder

Leon is a computer engineer and an expert in computer vision, machine learning, and systems and controls.

Dmytro Kozhemiakin

Lead Software Engineer

Dmytro is a seasoned software engineer who is proficient in architecting, developing, and deploying backend systems.

Krishna Basude

Biomedical/Mechanical Engineer

Krishna shines in multi-disciplinary projects: designing the experimental setup, prototyping the testing hardware, and analyzing the data.

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